Sejarah & Perkembangan

In the beginning, The Government Agriculture Department of Bali had been executed on the following issues:

    Year 1981 to 1984; making survey of the location and population of Kintamani dog.

    Year-end 1984; join work with Professor Dr. Abdul Aziz Ressang, DVM, M.D and his wife; Dra. W.E. Ressang-Groenewegen, DVM. For following stages;
  • Recording quantity of the breed; the long-coat vs. the short-coat. Total population.
  • Set-up and prioritize the coat color.
  • Set-up a breed standard.
  • Organize seminars.
  • Organized contests and exhibition.
Finally, in year 1999, PANTRAB (Bali Native Dog Club) was established together with Perkin to extend the effort to administrate Kintamani-Bali dog. The responsibilities of PANTRAB (Bail Native Dog Club) are;

    Immediate contact and arrange all the Kintamani-Bali dog return to Indonesia with Veterinary Mrs. W.E. Ressang DVM, whom had return to Holland. Which already have three generations of documents.

    Forming board members of PANTRAB.

    Organizing seminars together with the Government Agriculture Department and Udayana Univercity about how to bred Kintamani-Bali dog.

    Socialization with all the prospective owners or breeders.

    Organizing contests and exhibitions.

    Total of 16 Contests and Exhibitions has been organized from year 1985 until year 2006.

Ina Ch Banana V Prahard
Ina Ch Banana V Prahard & Ina Ch Susi VKS

RBOG 5, Judged by Mr. Eric Soti, Australia
RBOG 5, Judged by Mrs. Linda Buckley

    In Year 2006, PERKIN had pass the resolution that breed Kintamani-Bali dog as the first national breed under FCI group-5 Spitz and Primitive group.

    Also resolution of show regulation and breeding regulation, therefore, Kintamani-Bali dogs are allow to enter at all level PERKIN dog show but not AKU and FCI dog show.
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